Saturday, September 10, 2011

BodyBeautiful - The Y Project Collection: photographs of pussies by Petter Hegre

The Y Project Collection - 20 art erotic photographies of pussies by Petter Hegre (from Hegre Art)

Rite of Spring.Image by via FlickrI happen to think it is really important for body positivity that we know that humans present in all sorts of different varieties. This extends specifically to genitalia. Porn consumers might have a skewed perception of normal groins. To this end you should browse some of the photos from Hegre's gallery; I found it very enlightening. I am happy to celebrate that all sorts of bodies can be beautiful, but my preferences are surprisingly specific... and totally different depending on the gender presentation of the person I might be dating. Tricky, aren't I?

However, I have concerns about the photograph collection to which I have linked. The description of them being 'erotic' and on a site called seems to automatically sexualise body parts, when the photos are actually just plain, pretty chaste images of female groins. A feminist perspective would 'permit' these women to be portrayed in whatever manner suited them. However, whilst the photographs seem respectful there is a feminist critique possible. These woman are described by the male photographer/site manager in a manner of which they may have no choice. They have no agency in this. Furthermore, the images reduce the female to one part: her pussy. The summation of the self is restricted to that presented in these photographs: the useful organ of sexual congress and reproduction. The women are being offered for sexual gratification twice over: that the images might be titillating and used by masturbaters; and that these women represent all women as being available and useful (perhaps solely) as sexual objects.

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