Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movies I suddenly remembered I wanted to see and why it might explain romantic heartache...

There are never any wasted hours on the internet... I'm always learning something, even if it's just new ways in which to properly waste time, like watching the movies I always said, 'I must see that one day' but never did. The major example is California Man (or Encino Man, I think, to our North American chums) - I had wanted to see that for AGES and it took a good decade until I finally saw it advertised as coming soon on tv that I remembered that I had always wanted to see it. How can things that seem so very crucial slip out of, not only, the mind's eye, but our heart? If I think back, I can remember vividly that I desperately wanted to see that movie: Brendan Fraser, cave man, Los Angeles... what isn't there to love about that combo? Yet when not immediately reminded that it even existed in our Universe (it wasn't so popular in the UK that people were wearing t.shirts or sporting California Man pencil cases and satchels to school - maybe they never made them... hmm, that seems a bit sad...) one can forget that one ever had such an intense feeling. Perhaps it is the same with romantic partners - when they are not around you might feel less loving towards them and therefore more willing to engage in behaviour that might be prevented if there was a constant reminder of their presence in your life - like a wedding ring, or their name tattooed on your writing hand...

Anyway back to the movies... To prevent myself ever truly forgetting these classic cinematic contributions I think a list of links here is entirely appropriate. Not only can I guarantee not to lose this list, but seeing it here whenever I post will give me the requisite metaphorical kick-up the backside to do something about them - like rent them or plague friends until they offer to loan me their copies. There are, of course, many many books, albums and pieces of art that I also want to read/hear/see, but today we shall focus on the televisual.

He's Just Not That Into You

The Rainmaker
I Love You, I Love You Not
How to Make an American Quilt
In Cold Blood
A Cock and Bull Story
All Over Me
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Flatland - actually it might be Flatland: The Movie
Go Fish
History of the World: Part I
Horton Hears a Who!
Let It Ride
Tony N' Tina's Wedding
We Own the Night

When I actually get around to seeing them, I'll write a wee review - it wont be based on an understanding of film history or the cultural relevance of this, that and the other, but they will be well-intentioned - and I think that is enough, don't you?

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