Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest in a long line of 'em...

"I want to cook and fuck": My new book for 21st century feminist-persuasion women to live and love - not a guide, but a plan of action, with academic debate - what is feminist, is it okay to want to be a wife [MiraMoo: All I want to do is come home and cook my man a huge steak]? What is reasonable sex without degrading a woman? Is it okay for her to allow herself to be degraded, prostituted, abused? Is it too much to expect us to bolster the heteronormative, patriarchal stereotypes, or do we need to be more resistant, more subversive, to be more active in our activism? Maybe I should ask this woman...

Suddenly the whole house was in uproar.
Susan vowed to disinherit her daughter if she became a rock star. And Viola vowed to disinherit her mother if she didn't, 'or I might disinherit you anyway, for trying to stop me - then where will all my millions go?' Both Viola and her mother knew quite well that rock stars tended to die young - 'But I don't want to outlive you' wailed her mother, however, upon reflection quickly realised her folly and consented to support her errant daughter's musical whimsy. 'Well, if you must, but your father's not going to like it.' And he didn't. He fumed in his study for two solid hours and refused to speak to Viola for a week. Eventually, on Thursday, he came round to his daughter's way of thinking when she explained that many rock stars received Royal Acclamations nowadays and that he, Martin Wodenbaum, might one day be Sir Martin. 'I suppose having a musician in the family might not be such a bad thing' he mused over dinner that evening. 'But we'll have to move, the apartment in South Ken, simply wont look right on the cover of Hello, or Musicians' Monthly, or whichever rag pays the most.'

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