Monday, January 26, 2009


Three satsumas and a banana with a glass of water to emolify (emoliate and mollify - I thought there would be a word like this but no!) - delicioso!

Also: Great organic, fair trade, super-lovely online store: - MASSIVE sale! Boxes of 25 teabags for 10p! AMAZING!

Further ideas for future career - please note that there is no need for me to make any money in this way, as I am lucky enough to be independently wealthy thanks to my very hard-working family, however, I would obviously like them to add happiness and fulfillment to my life as well as improving the world at large:
Clothes designer/manufacturer
Model - either by going to Japan and getting one of those instant contracts all blondes get offered, or by signing myself up for speciality shoots - maybe torsos, or necks for showcasing jewellery - maybe those 'ordinary model' agencies...
Flotilla Hostess/Captain
Guide on holiday/clubbing trips with deafblind or deaf people like Mandy
Sensory foster carer/Sensory respite care centre manager
Academia and book-writing - this is actually the one to which I am heading right now
Dancer/entertainer, or hostess at such a venue (bar, club, restaurant, cafe)
Corporate or government advisor
Speed-dating/matchmaking service for disabled people
'Religious' minister/vicar
Marriage celebrant
Security consultant
School headmistress
Palliative care consultant

Oh, and whilst channelling the Bard, I was thinking many deep cod-Shakespearean thoughts:
Where dost thou go? T'is nearer to trek the world's width than to ask favours of thine children. Never was it necessary, when seed did care for the flower in its autumn days. But with each new moon the fervour increases; A fever in the breast that compels to obtain for thine own use that which is destined for thine fathers. And on the day when the well runs dry, and strong hands abandon the mill to fetch water from further afield, the calf will protect and suckle the bull and the steer as they did in their day for the calf.

I also hope to set up the following activities: Best garden in a saucer; Orangery producing own juice.

Movie comparisons:
Erin Brockovich vs. Silkwood: Corporate chemical catastrophe costs lives
Mulan vs. The Worst Witch - young girl having to save the day after being rejected by peers

Words I want to incorporate in my thesis:
abnegate: to deny oneself something
accrete: to grow together; form around/on something
acoupe: to blame, accuse
acrasial: adj excessive, disordered, irregular
adamantine: adj stubborn, resistant to persuasion
adjuvant: adj helpful, ancillary
adonize: to beautify or adorn oneself
adumbrate: vb indicate or describe outline of something
adventitious: adj accidental, unintentional
acolaust: noun Derived from the Greek, the word acolastic(ke) means "a prodigall person" or "one that liveth under no correction, riotous." An acolastic is "incorrigible, not better by chastisement." These are all 17th century usages. The definition given by the OED of acolaust is "One the revels in sensual pleasures (like the prodigal of the parable)," as indicated by the 17th century quotation: "The acolaust loathes the service of that churl, that allowed him no better diet than husks."
tziganologist studies Hungarian gypsies.
fiascoid (fiasco-like)
dilotante (S.Plath's spelling - actually, dilettante)
beignet (type of French doughnut)
verjus (acidic juice from unripe grapes - Middle French = green juice)

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