Monday, March 16, 2009


For a regular welcome and a stylish place to stay in London, look no further than a wee piece of the bonny land.

You had better make sure you're sufficiently lady-like to join: check your ranking at HuffPo

Piratical advice:

Need more distraction at work? Then this is the answer.

Surely, you have wanted new names for your lady-parts... if so, these is the site for you.

Either for protection or pleasure, this product could be a lifesaver.

A one-stop shop for fans of art, sex, culture, photography and words...

Latest editions (5, 6, 7) out now for Pride Comics

After you've read that check out BUST and BiMag

Smart ladies will want to connect in more ways than Facebook, Twitter, FriendsReunited, Linked In, Where Are You Now?, MSNMessenger, Skype and Hotmail allow... So sign up for intellectual connectivity with

Once you've done that read all about Hannah Arendt and marvel at a woman with such wide-ranging skills and forward-thinking beliefs.

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