Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ooh, I think I forgot to mention...

Each morning after checking iGoogle (UK news, queer news, tech news, Dilbert, word match up, art of the day, twitterfeed, facebook, quote of the day, Japanese word of the day, English word of the day), browsing a paper edition of The Daily Mail, checking my work email address and avoiding my personal one, plus logging out of the auto-sign-in MSNMessenger, I routinely check Marie Lyn 'Riese' Bernard and crew's new website. It is splendiferous and I recommend anyone with an interest in things pertaining to queer women give it some serious attention.

Today those lovely ladies sent my tumbling through the internet with the following links:
SXSW Update
Bitch magazine's 'women in science' link to Flickr
Jezebel caught up with the 'ladies loving ladies late' trend

...and then I was wondering: what ever happened to Beth Orton? The answer is here.

... and then I was glad Feministing had this article on the missing gender discussion regarding the recent German school girl shooting.

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