Monday, March 23, 2009

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Fabulous sartorial suppliers... King and Allen

More state stalkerishness...

So, as a Born-Again Virgin, I am seeking a woman who will be happy to wait until we are married to have sex. So I think GayChristians and RainbowChristians are good places to start. Waiting to marry...not so that all sexual connectivity will be for the procreation of children (unless miracles occur), but lesbians waiting to make love to that one special, true lady. I guess that they do not have to be a queer Christian, per se, just someone who values sex, believes it to be sacred.Someone with faith and joy. We don't even have to have the same religion, as long as they are not a fundamentalist who thinks that my version of The Higher Power is wrong and therefore we cannot be together.

Questions for the LGBTQ community:
Quotation from that paper:
Abstract: Nonbiological lesbian mothers challenge traditional notions of motherhood; that’s plain to see. Take a few steps farther back, though, and you’ll notice that lesbian parenthood revises and extends fatherhood just as much. Indeed, for a lesbian parent like me, "Both/and!" is the only answer to the either/or question: "Are you mother or father?" This essay, part memoir, part analysis, explores that rich parental space that exists at the crossroads of those two roles, and proposes that not just feminism and gender studies, but every parent—woman or man; queer or straight—stands to gain from the insights found there.

  • Are FTM transpeople having their cake and eating in - childbirth then penis-ownership - do we applaud? Or ask them to chose the joys of one gender only, and stop being greedy in the experiences...?

Get ready for the advice column! Suggestions to improve life such as... Peeing like a ninja - quietly in bathroom stalls, also to allow you to pee in a urinal or whilst standing like a man... Too dry? Lick the tampon end first to make sure the applicator glides in.

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