Saturday, March 21, 2009

So frightening...

So there is now a quantifiable way of judging life, is there? According to some UK judges and
doctors, supposedly experts in these matters, a life with no progress of recovery from severe illness is not worth preserving and protecting.

How disgusting.

It is a horrific reminder that my recent experience with not-so-subtle institutional euthanasia is not actually so unusual. It seems rife. I actually am one of those feminist women who believe abortion is wrong except for the very few cases whereby the mother's physical health is in danger as a result of the pregnancy. Mental health...? Well, I am no expert, but I would think someone might just be able to get enough help to make the rest of their life liveable, and have produced a human being that might add to the world's happiness (the child might also be a murdering psychopath, but that is a risk we all run), without resorting to terminating the life that grows inside. In the scenarios whereby pregnancy (and/or the prerequesite sexual intercourse) was not wanted or sought - rape, abuse, etc., then the catastrophic impact is indeed not something to be shrugged off. In such circumstances, a termination might be better for society, than a child raised that might eventually learn that they were the product of rape/abuse. [I really do not wish to be associated with the Feminists4Life people - they are a whole other kettle of fish...]

But what of the Fritzl children released from their Austrian dungeon? Maybe they wish they had never been born. Maybe their mother wishes they had been terminated. I would wager that as long as there is a minute of every day where by happiness, pleasure or contentment is experienced in a life, then it is worth living as long as the rest is not filled with pain.

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