Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Short-Cut

Massive deadline tomorrow... no work currently prepared - am about to get serious, but before that... two pieces of awesomeness.

Boris Johnson, Lord Mayor of London, Guru of Blonde Mane Madness, Fabulousness of fabulousnesses, has started a campaign to have pride in our fantastic language to coincide with St George's Day (Patron Saint of England) this week. See his article in the Daily Mail. has a SUPER-EXCITING video clip about a new super-gay HSMusical style tv show. I know it seems a rip-off of H.S.Musical, Sister ActII, Grease, etc. but these are GREAT movies, so to combine them with a little gayness thrown in - what's not to love? Also, Jane Lynch, need I say more?

Have a happy Sunday!

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