Thursday, May 07, 2009

It could so easily be true...

Ex-midwife delivers own great-grandchild using 1940s training. I find this inspiring and creepy in roughly equal proportions. I am pretty sure I wouldn't want any member of my family at the 'business end' during birth, probably not even in the same room. I want to grunt and gurn alone then be visited babe-in-arms looking beatific and beautiful. However, having a grandmother myself with surgical theatre nurse training, I think at a push (get it! Gosh, I am SO funny today!) I could be happy with her assistance.

Losing our rights left and...right - Pensioner asked how his council was spending his taxes and was threatened with a mini-ASBO!

Beauty of the soul: Saudi pageant judged on morality when contestants sign-up in burqhas

Need better storage...doesn't everyone? tszuji have the answer:

Plus if you enter 'Bargain Club' at checkout until May 28th 2009 you get a 10% discount thanks to the Daily Mail.

Also those of a bisexual fluid pansexual, no boxes kinda nature might like these buttons from BiNetUSA:

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