Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Millions Like Us" 1943

Free DVD from the newspaper - looked interesting - it turned out to be AMAZING.

Clever shots progressing the narrative without wasting screen-time/script-space with filler conversation
Links with Hitchcock - continues The Lady Vanishes (1938), apparently...
Series of movies by same director and writer
Smart script that has some gems: "everything except the kitchen stove" - when did that become the 'kitchen sink'?

Also saw Meg Jenkins (I forget where I have seen her before, but her face is SO familiar).

Then there was the star - a woman - Patricia Roc. Reminiscent of anyone modern?

I think there is an uncanny resemblance to Katherine Heigl - but I might be wrong.

This movie covered so many themes:
Film as propaganda - good women help out in whatever capacity necessary;
Women going into the war effort, abandoning 'father' back home;
Father being unable to cope alone - dirty dishes, no fire in the grate, surviving on fish&chips and stout;
Women having flights of fancy (day-dream sequences) - but these are either deemed reasonable for emotional woman and the essence of femininity, or are another demonstration of weak women needing man to set them right;
Heartbreak after widowhood is temporary and good girls get back to work and to love ASAP for the benefit of Britain (final scene of the protagonist, Celia, staring to smile again and joining in with moral boosting song whilst images of RAF planes are superimposed on the shot);
Losing one's virginity is a nerve-wracking and important thing - newly weds not wanting people to know on the bus, in the boarding house, but passion over-took these concerns and Celia declares she doesn't care who knows;
Being coy about the wedding night and the honeymoon is kind of expected but not approved - get on with making babies and keeping Britain working - keeping the men happy;
Would Celia's newly used vagina be tempting to another man? Would she remain a spinster? Would she be able to tempt another man?
Documentary detail of life in a factory working for the war effort - not barracks for accommodation, even educated, University women went - Gwen, and dolly-birds -Jennifer;
Jennifer did not get her marriage proposal as she was flighty and not useful in the factory, and the sturdy foreman needed someone who could cook, sew, knit;
Celia did get her proposal from an unassuming Scot - ginger with bad skin, because she was meek and quiet - self-described as ordinary. A few dates and a falling out (sorted out because he was brave to go to Germany) led to the marriage;
Silly girls panic over what might have happened (Fred never comes to the theatre at 7pm)- over-reacted to scant news - rewarded for forgiving brave man with a proposal;
"It was made in 1943 as part entertainment/part propaganda following guidelines suggested by the Ministry of Information" []
There are more: I'll note them next time I watch and update this post.

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