Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amphibian Love

Hmm, I'm watching The Princess and the Frog and already I have some questions:
Why is the only Caucasian character, the butler, drawn to look like a monkey? Was he based on King Louis from The Jungle Book?
Why is Tiana's singing voice so weak so far?
Why is the glowbug promoting the stereotype of toothless Bayou-dwellers, playing Hicksville music?
Why does there have to be so many dark edges - death of the the glowbug, the voodoo, the blood required to activate the amulet, the 'cheesy crackers' exclamations, the references to chasing chambermaids about one's marble tower?
Why is the first Black leading lady shown to be in service roles and obsessed with food?
Why is the creepy Big Daddy reference made to Lottie's father?

Why are they so lazy with the scenes? See below for a list of similarities between other Disney movies... (NB Youtube video by Frenchman who showed scenes being reused in other movies).
  • Little Lottie rolling on the floor in her new dress as a child - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty.
  • The jazz-playing crocodile pulls bayou foliage about his head as the wicked witch did in Sword in the Stone during the competition between herself and Merlin.
  • The same crocodile dances off into the trees just as Baloo does in The Jungle Book.
  • The evil oil shadows of the voodoo demons are akin to those from Ferngully
  • The three trappers in the boat are mimicking The Three Stooges.
Why is there no originality?

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