Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More movieness

Also, this article about women-made movies for women might be worth checking out. It reminded me that I meant to watch Transamerica...

UPDATE: Transamerica was good, pretty good, actually. I'm not sure I can comment on how the trans stereotypes (mis)represent the trans community, but I can at least note some of the obvious ones:
  • scarf on the neck - despite FH not having an Adam's apple, as revealed when she is in the cafe with her heroic Native American cowboy.
  • bad foundation (too pale at the beginning, too dark in the restaurant scene with the grandparents)
Furthermore, it seems to me that Click which I have never seen ploughs far too similar a field to that of Multiplicity, even down to the architect and the deus ex machina type device.

Also, Nicholas Cage's Knowing was pretty mediocre: too like ET and 1001 other alien/apocalypse genre movies. Plus the 'Jesus is the tree of life' motif was confusing. The Bible page, motto written on the van's side, then the final scene with the children running towards the tree. So was there meant to be an understanding that the alien/angel-type beings were from a Christian/Abrahamic god? Or did the directors throw that in for good measure to appeal to a wider audience in conservative America? Answers on a postcard...

...and 'Be kind, Rewind' is rather like the British success, Son of Rambow in the refilming for famous flicks. Perhaps it is a popular theme I've missed before now...

...Finally, Live Free or Die Hard seems to be riding the action-hero-father/daughter protection racket, just as True Lies did over a decade ago. But it was good all the same!

Next planned viewing:
Midnight Cowboy
The World according to Garp
Todo sobre mi madre
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

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