Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Women in Warfare

According to Wikipedia:
In 1920, during the Turkish Independence War, Kara Fatma and her gang carried out operations against the British, Armenian, French, Italian and Greek soldiers. They are well-known for killing those who raped young girls.

Sabina Gökçen was the first female combat pilot. A Turkish aviatrix and one of 8 adopted children, she wowed the public with her daring.

Finally, a sad story about a brave woman. Dorothy Lawrence wanted to report from the front lines of WWI, so disguised herself as a male soldier and worked laying mines for ten days. She then presented herself to a commanding officer and was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a spy. Her interrogation was lengthy and she was eventually returned to England. Little is know of her after 1919 except that she was interred in an insane asylum in 1925 and died there in 1964.

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