Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gay cure?

Plenty of church groups and some psychiatrists claim that any form non-heterosexuality can be cured with enough prayer or therapy. But really, what are they trying to do? Someone can choose to never act on their non-het feelings/inclinations, does that make them straight enough? Or is having the thoughts and feelings too much and they are trying to correct those, too? If you define a sexual orientation by behaviour then stopping someone's actions is enough, but if you want to change how someone responds inside to a person to whom they are emotionally/intellectually/romantically/sexually attracted then I don't think there is a quantity of prayer or therapy big enough to help that - the heart wants what the heart wants - it just does. You can't know who you are going to fancy today, tomorrow or in ten years' time. You just have to be open to hearing your heart and hope that those that love you will be supportive, the rest is just chaff blowing in the wind. It's only when displayed behaviour is censored and sanctioned that harassment and discrimination become a problem.

This article might stimulate more thoughts in the dialogue of choice/cure.

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