Sunday, July 04, 2010

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How Bystanders Can Help Groping Victims

Could you please modify this article to allow that non-females are also the victims of harrassment? As a woman, I celebrate the efforts being made to make the world safer, but these efforts are for everyone’s well-being – men, women, intersex and transgendered persons alike.
Also, drawing attention to the victim might worsen the event – just as an assault victim might feel more exposed, vulnerable and violated by the case coming to court and being heard in front of a room full of lawyers and jurists.
Surely, there is a better way that does not require announcing that this person has been harrassed and hurt. Perhaps some guerilla action: shout out ‘I suspect this person of being a harrasser – you might want to move away from them in crowded areas’ – and make them responsible for denying the charge as necessary.
A more passive-aggressive option is to make stickers that say the same message and place one the harrasser’s back when they leave the scene – others will notice it and they too will find it later – maybe they will think again about their behaviour.

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