Friday, July 09, 2010

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AutoStraddle: Today in Stuff That PopMatters:
Charisma Carpenter was in BUFFY! How can you not know her? She was Cordelia, wasn’t she?

Su Pollard shows: THIS is how a 60-year-old should dress
She looks awesome in both - if she is trying for sex appeal then the new look for Reveal is going to work better, in my opinion, but if she just wants to have fun and not give two figs what anyone else thinks, then her own style is fab!
- BioGal, Edi, UK, 8/4/2009 9:23

Katy Perry's Technicolor disaster in garish satin suit
I think it looks awesome! Such colour on dreary nights!
- BioGal, Edi, UK, 08/4/2009 09:20

Poor station toilets to meet their Waterloo - but passengers will have to spend more than a penny
Our national heritage with its fine association with the development of the railway system should not be forgotten in all this. Improve facilities, yes, but do not demolish or otherwise remove the important reminders of our impressive Victorian history. Let's hope the lovely railway stations are maintained and brought up to the 21st century without losing the essence of the exciting steam revolution.
- BioGal, Queer St, 30/4/2010

Sarah Haskins wants women to rename their ladyparts      BioGal on April 25, 2009 - 5:56am.
Surely the best source for this is...
The L Word Episode 301. The L Word Online website ( has a comprehensive list of the names given at the end of the 'Labia Majora' episode as they sat in the Planet:
“Vagina Monologues” at the end of the episode
Front bottom
Pretty pink pearl
Pee pee
Tongue trap
Bald man in a boat
Breakfast of champions
Munch box
Wee wee
Ha ha
Who who
Me me
Fuck hole
The lips between the hips
Furry monkey
Smurf crease
Bearded oyster
Bikini biscuit
Cherry pop
Cat flaps
Cha cha
Harry goblet
The Grand Canyon
Fish taco
Cream collector
Goodie bag
Box of assorted creams
Honey pot
Dug out
Love mitten
Mermaids purse
The pink velvet sausage wallet
Sweet spot
Power slot
Pork shutters
Bermuda triangle
Crab hole
Vertical smile
Panty hamster
Roast beef sandwich
There is also a helpful list of descriptions for penis/vagina sex, or strap-on/vagina sex, if you're feeling macho:
Slang For Having Sex with Dudes at the end of the episode
Dip the chip
Bang the box
Sweep out your chimney
Stretch that leather
Bump uglies
Dip and dive
Shake the sheets
Crack the nut
Get some skank on the hang low
Ride the bologna pony
Give that dog a bone
Shuck the oyster
Put some beef in your taco
Ride that beef bus to tuna town

Jason de Caires Taylor. London, UK
Amazing – this gentlemen is truly talented. What an insightful and creative opportunity he has explored. If only there were organised diving tours of these exhibits.
Comment by BioGal — March 17, 2009

Three column Minima layout version
BioGal said...    You are a miracle worker! I spent DAYS searching for help with this! Lots of useless youtube demos... However, your instructions were patient and considered; I will definitely be adding your link - I assume a post would be appropriate or is there some technical way of doing this?

Word of the Gay: "Lipstick Dyke"
BioGal said...    Well, I have described myself as a 'glamma dyke' in the past - is that better?

BioGal said...     It would be SO much easier if everyone was happy with the term 'queer'. I can see how post-op transpersons might want to be represented as just physio/neurotypical str8 people (and transpersons who identity as les/bi/gay go into those 'categories'), thereby any support group to which they belong would not happily fall within the 'queer' bracket... However, until we are embracing pomosexuality whereby there is no need for labels, people are just people fancying, loving, marrying and/or procreating with whomever they choose, I think a safer catch-all would be the use of 'queer'.
    Or maybe there is a better word out there without the semantic problems of being associated with 'weirdness'...

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