Sunday, July 04, 2010

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Meet Natalie, Our Designated Driver for Social Justice! Also. Also! Answer Her Questions!

What a fantastic column! This is SO exciting! Now, I was just writing a wee thing for my supervisor the other day (I used ‘personal is political’ and genderfuck in it – I haven’t heard a response yet – eek!) and I went off on a tangent about the heternormative development of gynae practices and policies. How if women had been instrumental in the development, we wouldn’t have to be flat on our backs and/or in stirrups, feeling prone, vulnerable and violated. There would be some power given to the woman being examined whereby she had the upper hand. I suggested some sort of tennis umpire’s chair where the woman could be sat normally in a gown and the doctor would have to be disadvantaged by having to step down into a mechanics-style inspection pit beneath to look up and check all was okay via a hole in the seat! I think they used a chair like this to check one of the Popes was not a girl…maybe that one is still kicking around somewhere for me to steal the design and run off to the Patent Office!
Anyway, I’m glad you and Riese are thinking about these things – it makes me feel less like a weirdo to be writing about it, too!
Looking forward to the next installment…
Big Love.

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