Saturday, July 10, 2010

Internet memories

My first foray into the internet was my Hotmail email address. I chose a moniker that my 18 year old self thought was funny and unique and was able to get it without having to add a number on the end like so many of my peers. I even got - whereas lately there was a request to shift to to free up the main domain names.

I must have signed up, created profiles and gotten email addresses to about fifty sites, at a conservative count.

The blog entries here that are entitled 'Comments on other blogs' are an attempt to round these ether identities into a tidy basket. It is not easy. Three Facebook identities, three hotmail email addresses, three Gmail addresses (one of which has been taken over by my father now), a rocketmail address (Yahoo), two work addresses, two Blogger identities, Wikipedia identity and countless other identities to get access to certain features of websites (full article access, the right to post comments, etc.). These are all connections with faceless and location-unknown computer servers that have little pieces of knowledge about me in them. Together they might form a general impression of me as a person.

I rarely give my exact date of birth - I tend towards Jan 1st 1979, because that is the easiest to enter when required in the 'sign up' form. I pick some sort of play on my name - I have used about twenty, I think, some with numbers, mostly without. I might choose some hilarious question for the inevitability that I will forget the correct log in details for these infrequently used sites.

Should I know where all this knowledge is? Should I try to track it all down?

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