Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Technology alert!

Here comes the science bit! [hair swoosh]

Okay, I am a superbusy gal, so I like shortcuts. Digsby is a life saver - I cannot rave over it enough. It is a social media aggregator - so I can run it and it checks all my various email accounts (pop, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo), my IMs (Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail, Gchat) and my social networks (Twitter, Facebook updates, LinkedIn). I've also installed a widget that let's readers of this blog chat with me if I am online. However, I cannot get it to work - it constantly says connection failed, even when I am online to test the conversation function, which comes to the next bit of geekery.

Mozilla's Firefox is great, I love it, I do not want to switch to Chrome. But I am finding that some content of this blog wont work unless I use Internet Explorer - aaargh. Importantly the twittercounter widget that let's me see which twitter users have viewed my blog (as long as they sign in with twittercounter, too). Also the fancy new widgets that let readers see the most recent posts with and without thumbnails of the pages (I've installed two to see which one works best - - answer? Neither). These only work in IE. Exasperating!

Further in my trials of woe is my Twitter experience which is being hampered by a shoddy interface. I am tired of clicking home to get to a link to see all the people I am following. I am tired of having to go through all the names of the people I follow to decide which list they should be in - why not drag and drop? Why not highlight the ones you want (ctrl+-shift) and then assign the list? Why not make the whole thing EASIER?

On the bright side, I have emailed Digsby to ask them to include the ability to connect with Skype, Academia.edu, eBay messages, hi5 and friendsreunited.

I hope they hear my plea!

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