Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashionable politics

These gorgeous-looking ladies may be gathered for a dubious parade in France, because Sarkozy made some questionable invitation decisions to African dictators/leaders, but they do look fabulous. If you've married a man who is or has become a dictator, then you might not be gorgeous on the inside, but outside, these ladies shine. They also look happy and healthy on the whole, whilst Carla Bruni looks so thin in comparison. Yet, if asked to run after a bus or haul bags of groceries home from the supermarket, I am hard pushed to decide whether the guests or the hostess would be better at the task.

I wish there were fashions like these available in the West. Colourful, expressive, comfortable looking. I love them! This photo is courtesy of the DailyMail and the article on Bastille Day.

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