Saturday, July 10, 2010

Timeline of philosophical publications

Now this link here goes to a visual timeline that very nearly encapsulates all that I am seeking. However, ideally there would be a timeline not of philosophers' lives but of their works. I want to have a pictogram showing which books, pamphlets, treatises were published in various markets at the specific years. I want to see if one book about subject X published in USA was followed the next year by a rushed version on subject X by another author in the UK, for example.

I want to be able to see that the development of areas of interest was formed not just by one person's particular academic direction, but by the scholarly environment, whereby the products of others' research stimulates refinement or new ideas and thusly new publications for the original author in question.

I am assuming that there is enough openness to others' work and that they may have time to read or attend lectures that engage a person to study new areas, or combine ideas in novel ways.

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