Friday, July 09, 2010

Wedding weirdness

Does the person conducting a sacred/official ceremony have to be sentient in order to make it 'real'? Apparently, not in Japan. There is now a robot who can marry people. The I-Fairy has pigtails. 
"The wedding took place at a restaurant in Hibiya Park in central Tokyo, where the I-Fairy wore a wreath of flowers and directed a rooftop ceremony. Wires led out from beneath it to a black curtain a few feet away, where a man crouched and clicked commands into a computer."
So, like in the Emerald City with the Wizard of Oz's hidden self, there is a man behind a curtain making the choice to continue the ceremony. However, it wont be long until this is entirely automated. Will it even be a proper wedding? Does the person officiating not need to be conscious?

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