Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stop being negative: you are harming economic recovery!

Foucault states that power can be discursive in both content and execution. The power of speaking about something, gives that thing power (just as the academe allow certain new permitted  knowledges to become accepted within their discipline). Which is why talking down the economy near a recession should be illegal – scaremongering just makes people jittery, risk averse and thus they keep their money ‘safe’ at home or in the bank – they don’t speculate, spend on new projects or plan new expenditures – they want to ride out the storm intact. Yet this conservativeness is the death knell to finance-based economies such as the UK. If you do not have money flow the economy will fall apart. If you don’t spend, then manufacturers and service-providers wont produce, then they wont buy materials, hire labour or pay taxes, the government will have insufficient funds to support the unemployed as well as meet their other obligations – safety, health, etc.

We didn't win WWI and WWII by being down-at-the-mouth depressed - we were positive, confident and brave - even if this bravura was created through propaganda films and encouraging posters.

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