Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Someone else's child

Has the fear of being a bad parent prevented us from wanting our own biological children? With so many dangers being touted as a threat on every street corner or in every family unit (such as traffic accidents, genetic abnormalities, paedophiles), are we too scared to have the responsibility of creating and raising our own flesh and blood?

Is that why some relationships fail seemingly very near the pregnancy/birth? Is that why some are happy to step into the breach and act as an improvised baby mama/daddy as necessary? Are single parents more attractive now as a permanent partner as they come with a ready-made family? If it all goes wrong at the end you can always claim - 'well, it was never really down to me - not my DNA'.

It used to be the case that a woman (or man) left holding the baby would be lucky to get a date, let alone a new co-parent. Now, according to the gossip rags on celebrity lifestyles, raising someone else's kid is all the rage.

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