Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dominant handedness, hoover socks & natural emotions

1. Whenever I have to do a physically taxing task, I'll take the brunt of it on my left side, which is strange as I am right-handed. I hear that your stronger hand is your dominant hand, so why am I using the other one? I've worked out that I take the weight/difficulty in the left arm so that the right is ready for more complex processes like turning door handles, holding onto stair rails, etc.

2. If you spill something multi-pieced (beads, glitter, sequins, cornflakes) but don't want to hoover them for disposal or sweep carefully to retain them, you can do a bit of both! Put a sock (without holes!) over the vacuum nozzle as you would if cleaning your keyboard. Let the sock get sucked in 2/3 and hold onto the remainder around the nozzle end. Hoover up the wanted items; switch off and then pull sock out of the nozzle - all spilled items are handily retained in the sock!

3. Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli and Isles is marvellous for LOTS of reasons, but today I realised that this character is allowed to show her femininity by expressing emotions, without losing the respect of colleagues, being called out on it, being embarrassed, or gushing overtly - she remains strong and butch(ish). I welcome representations of emotional expression that do not denigrate the character; when Rizzoli is interviewing children and gets teary-eyed, no-one makes a big deal. No zoom into her tortured face to emphasise the brutality man enacts on man. No ribbing from (male) colleagues for being girly or unprofessional. She doesn't angrily wipe away the tears or hide her face, run to the bathroom to ball her eyes out. She handles her emotions and so does everyone around her. They are as natural as breathing. It could be a useful investigative tool; show empathy for someone and they might reveal more to you.

After all this contemplation, I feel like my day is already full of productiveness so maybe I should skive off!

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