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UNICORN PLAN-IT: It's so close now, I can almost touch it!

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Hip-hip-hooray, UNICORN PLAN-IT starts today!

Yes, my lovelies, the exciting new webseries by the gorgeous people at Autostraddle and their beauteous pals has already garnered accolades, tweets and posts aplenty - - and it hasn't even started yet! No need to wait! Yup, Monday August 1st (TODAY) is the world premiere of this scripted show's first two episodes.

Here is how it all started...

Temped to tune in? You should be! Need more persuasion? Here is a synopsis of the show and the teaser video where Ashley explains The Ho Bag!

"The show centers around an events planning office in LA, lesbian owned and operated. It's character centered, around J (Sherri D. Sutton), the boss, her lover Harmony who is also a spiritual healer (Haviland Stillwell), and her employees, player Vick (Ashley Reed), emotionally promiscuous Keesha (Sarah Croce), and the lone gay boy (Amir Levi). The business and the relationship are at a crossroads, so Harmony brings in a big piece of business -- her former college "roommate" Bambi (Catherine Wadkins) is getting married, and the UNICORN PLAN-IT team has to get their shit together and plan it! We refer to everyone as Unicorns, because gay people love them, because they are magical and lovely, and also, they are really just lesbian horses. Obvs. Holler. UNICORN PLAN-IT...Get horny."

Already love it? Good! You should check out Unicorn Plan-It's facebook page, youtube channel and twitter feed! You want to know more RIGHT NOW? Okay, how about this? Insider info, from a starlet in the know, reveals that the show is made by almost entirely gay ladies (crew, cast, etc.). So if you want to support it just because it has great queer and feminist ideals, then that would be wonderful, too!

Let's take a closer look at these wonderful people...

SARAH CROCE (actress, Girl Talk, Autostraddle's Miss April)
Stalking opportunities: Facebook twitter tumblr youtube model portfolio
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ASHLEY REED (writer, upcoming film HARTS LOCATION)
Stalking opportunities: Facebook twitter
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HAVILAND STILLWELL (TV/Broadway actress, recording artist)
Stalking opportunities: Facebook Facebook page Facebook group twitter website
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Fascinating facts: Sherri was six years in a cult, fighting her queer identity but luckily for her (and us!), she went through "lesbian remission" and is now a successful comedian and theatre teacher. You can stalk her here: Facebook

The other cast members include: Amir Levi (Facebook Facebook page twitter), Catherine Wadkins (Facebook), Malcolm Devine and Rachel Paulson.


Last but by no means least: Sara Croce guarantees a ride on her invisible horn in exchange for cashola! Ooh, the sauce! You heard it here - - verbal contracts are binding! Want to contribute and secure that magical moment avec La Croce? It's too late! *sad face* but you'll have the link for when they start fundraising for season 2! Click here to help the lasses and see a bigger version of this wondrous rainbow-pooping beast!

The girls in La La Land are SO excited about their new show; let's make it a success... And if you happen to be near M Bar 1253 Vine Street, Los Angeles tonight head to the premiere party!

Homosexy people! Use the force of the queermos to get the word out!

[*This delectable delving into the latest endeavour by the creative wonders at was meant to go live over the weekend, but then 'Blogger autosave' tried to ruin my world. Luckily I found out about pmdump.exe and strings.exe, so whilst a lot was lost, at least I learned a new retrieval skill!*]

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