Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How could Venkman even try to comply? Ghostbusters (1984)

To get a licence to store 'hazardous materials' (captured ghosts, etc.) on their commercial premises in that zone, they'd need to appease inspection officers that their containment methods were secure and posed no danger.

Thus, they'd need to prove to the inspectors that their technique was suitable to the task and in doing so they'd have to reveal the secrets behind their proprietary technology.

How could they, or indeed any new company with novel scientific methods, prove to others' satisfaction about the safety mechanisms, without breaching confidentiality that protects their intellectual property - the specifics of the system, etc.?

There may be some analogous mechanisms, the proven success of which could be used to argue that their new technology was similarly safe.

Maybe inspectors need to swear to secrecy, keep their documents under lock and key... Or maybe innovation has to be circumspect, ready to be investigated by outside parties.

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