Saturday, April 11, 2015

Alternative healthcare: what is 'safe' when it comes to gynaecology?

There are more options than we are generally told and we ought to have every piece of data available before making decisions about our bodies and any impact this may have on embryos, foetuses and babies conceived during their use or after.

None of the links below are being promoted by this blog. They are simply being provided to encourage discussion and the dissemination of information; I cannot guarantee the research and science, you must judge what is best for you,

I am an advocate for personal responsibility towards our bodies as much as towards our actions. I do not believe other people (mainly white, middle-aged men) know what is best for me and I do not presume to be without ulterior motives nor error in judgement. We can only do our best and it should be our best. Do not accept information without questioning the alternatives. Work hard to ensure you are making the smartest decisions you can for your immediate well-being and your future well-being.

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