Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bling and Bing

Whilst planning my pre-Christmas party for all those lovely people that I wont see again until 2009 (the theme this year is ghetto/grotto fabulous; audacious use of tinsel is encouraged) D-Man was at it again: Scissor Sisters, Shakespeare's Sister and dying a little death... A stream of consciousness not entirely unrelated to his recent pimping efforts... 'Can I watch?' kind of theme...

Moving away from such crudity (which I think you will agree deserved no response), I thought it fitting to bestow festive gifts on the cyber-world. Here then is a list of very fabulous websites for your intellectual delight...

...concerning Gender/LGBTQQ/Queer/Identity/Orientation/Sexuality

1. A journal of awesomeness...art and queer theory, what more do you need?
2. An article on bi-dyke, the terminology that caused D-Man so much befuddlement t'other day
3. Riese's very awesome article at The L Word inspired OurChart site
4. The Journal of Bisexuality for those that want a dip into the warm waters of academic advancement...
5. Helpful list of orientation/gender/sexuality definitions - if these are even possible!

Also a veritable panoply of options for sustaining your inner geekery
1. A fabulous list of weird words I would never have come across if it wasn't for Wikipedia.
2. An amazing application for converting any measurement into any other - nautical rhumbs, homesteads, picofarads, nybbles, kips, scruples-force, kiloponds, dynes angstroms, femtometers, smoots, metric slugs, pennyweights troy, torr, dracontic months, kilderkins, chaldrons...Scrabble championships here I come!
3. A truly awesome bunch of people who for a bit of cash can immeasurably improve your existence...
4. Need to build a robot? No problem, this site has all you need.
5. Tired of your robot, fancy your chances as a megalomaniacal mayor - then build your own city...

Hopefully these tidbits will help while away a few moments of an otherwise monotonous day!

Hasta tarde!

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