Monday, March 16, 2009

How can I expect a woman to understand me when my parents don't?

Six things for tonight's ponderence:
  • My father needs to accept me as a sexual being.
  • My parents are addicted to me and are not letting go despite me being on the brink of thirty and them fully-retired for the second time! Thereby preventing me from blossoming into the fullness of self that I ought. Therefore incurring mental breakdown from stress - like 1ton Son.
  • Movies with cartoon/animation opening credits that is not repeated in the rest of the film: Honeymoon in Las Vegas, City Slickers, Ruthless People, 1st Wives' Club, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Mad House.
  • Theory that the first movies that a person sees moulds their funny bone - for me The 'Burbs and Inner Space - they are so well remembered, so familiar, that they feel real.
  • There needs to be a reverse googlewhack generator - to establish if your website is a googlewhack and if so for which words - I'll talk to Google about it.
  • Also in this confusing cyber age of multi-personalities, identities, passwords, homepages (facebook,, friendsreunited, twitter, blogger) we all need an expert ID thief to hack into our lives with permission to establish who we are online...

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