Thursday, March 19, 2009

Links-o-rama Part Deux

BBC Midlands Today: Shopkeeper asks that children customers write their name on the wrappers of candy bars they buy, if a named piece is found littering outside her shop, the child is banned for 3 days or made to spend 10mins picking up litter. Fabulous!

Deva is a proud Sri Lanka-born British citizen who is doing his bit to promote integration by refusing to serve anyone coming into his post office who does not make an effort with the language. He insists that they must speak English - otherwise they get no service!

I think it only right that children of ova/sperm donors learn about their genetic families in case they end up dating them accidentally. It should be that a child has no legal right to genetic parents' money or any expectation of support, but there should be genetic testings, a photograph and an ability to contact the person (or their family after their death). Nurture is nice, but what if you need a kidney?

If you are looking for a brilliant excursion, there is no better for young or old right now that the Glasgow spectacular - a recreation of the Walking with the dinosaurs experience.

A fantastic example of strong, beautiful women not being thwarted by ageism: Daphne Selfe, a model at 80!

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