Monday, April 20, 2009

Can there be any more fabulousness in the world?

Gay penguin couple stole eggs from str8 neighbours in their bid to be parents - an extremely strong urge in male penguins, apparently. Thus they were separated from their colony. Protest ensues and the zoo backs down, giving them eggs from a couple who weren't so good at rearing the wee ones - all together now... aaahhh!

I shouldn't laugh but I did

Lady Gaga fabulousness: Video clip of tv interview where she quick-as-lightning retorts suggestions that she is in fact a man with the outrageous 'Well, I do have a really big donkey dick' in the best dead-pan this side of Jack Dee. Towleroad has the clip.

Queered disability: Event for disabled LGBT people at Harvard Law

Significant Otters from

Frightening breach of basic human rights in a SCHOOL - I really cannot write any more about this horrifying story because it upsets me too much.

Thanks to another link, I have discovered more visual loveliness

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