Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I must, I must improve my...

Darlinks! Here are the tippity-tip-toppiest tips EVER!

Lexicon improvement from Queers United: "Gynaeotrope" is an unpopular and outdated term for a lesbian that was used in the 1940's to counter the negative connotations of the word homosexual. You learn something new every day!

More autostraddle.com goodness in the form of Ms. Beals who incidentally presented a half hour show on Pablo Neruda after the Il Postino surprise hit movie.

Gay happiness in China with supportive parents but name trouble thwarts those with individual identifying monnikers as the Chinese government was bureaucracy to deal with only a limited set of Chinese characters.

Fashionable boundaries broken in First Amendment challenge over boy wanting to wear a rainbow wrist band

Facebook feed is actually occasionally useful as it lead me to discover Spotify the shiny rival to lastfm.com

Visual display of stereotypes and assumptions

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