Friday, April 17, 2009

Fellowship Friday...

Twitter much? Then might be useful for those wanting to check what other people are tweeting. If you miss the Fail Whale, then check out this supportive website which tells you all you need to know and provides great graphics...

Mapping out the celesbians (from Queerty)

Female soldiers at risk of rape and assault from male colleagues (@DailyMail)

Lesbian author falls in love with a gay man: modern sexuality and relationships at their flexi-best

The fabulous Susan Boyle wont be getting an L.A. make-over is Amanda Holden has anything to do with it, but she might be helping a worthy cause - 1000 CD's were bought for a charity back in 1999 - and Miss Boyle features on them singing Cry Me a River - with a very sexy voice - the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record has an exclusive player that let's you hear her sumptuous tones. That make-over presumably was to concentrate on her eyebrows, but we've read my thoughts on hirsuteness before, including a link to that razor advert, but luckily the talented Sarah Haskins has a useful video response.

Back to the idea that women are women for their own pleasure not as sex tools or toys for men (or other women!) - lads' mags are increasingly sending out the wrong vibe about women's sexuality and William Leith (@DailyMail) has a thoughtful article on the problematic issue.

Finally, Miss Drew Barrimore really might be the hottest girl on Earth right now, for rocking all these different looks recently...

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