Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thrills...

Celebrities looking normal? Never! Well, actually, yes, sometimes:
Colourful clothes cheer up the economically depressed?

(Thanks to DailyMail website for the photographs)
Now, I know EVERYONE is posting about Susan Boyle, but I cannot help but join - she is a marvel: check out the video of her astonishing performance here. And, yes, like Kathie Lee Gifford, I cried, too.

You also have to love these cute kissing anteaters and Cat on the Prowl from AfterEllen starring Riese/'s gal-pal, Haviland Stillwell.

Women taking over the world? I've written about female domination before, but now there is scientific proof via nature itself - a colony of female only ants. These Amazonian insects (well, it had to be Amazonian, didn't it?) are asexual, breeding through clones of the Queen.

Female takeover might not come quick enough for Afghan women struggling under new law that permits marital rape if wives fail to submit to new legal demands by husbands that they have sex every four days. Protesters were pelted with stones for having the temerity to object.

For those who don't know enough about queer theorist and activist, Eve Sedgwick, click on this link to see articles since her death to breast cancer.

Finally, a game of which I was only partially aware 'no homo' has been deconstructed on Feministe. Click this link to check out the useful and funny video about it.

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