Monday, April 06, 2009

For the love of language...

Check out the Wiki article on polari, the language used by Romany and theatrical types with a huge queer slant, based on Romany and thieves' cant. How many of the words from the glossary do you use? I use LOADS! I was really surprised!

Ever wondered what would happen when the apocalypse comes, when you are really hoping for Utopia? Then utopalypse is for you! What a great word!

Too many books? Then copy this artist and make them into sculpture. The photographs are awesome...

If you have too many social media connectivity network app's then Digsby, Tweetdeck and Skimmer might be for you... I used all three, but am thinking of trying Nomee - this claims to do all the other links and SO MUCH MORE! Now, if I can get youtube, gmail, google reader, hotmail, msn messenger, facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, Where are you now?, FriendsReunited, blogger dashboard, iGoogle, and the other gazillion sites I meant to be a member of, then I would be sorted!

Learning to love the word cunt: a young teacher gets a lesson in language from his LGBT students

Needing help to step out of the closet? This handy-help guide is the answer.

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