Saturday, April 04, 2009

You win some...

Surprisingly enough, some sporting stories to begin:
Ladies' Day was a typical affair ("They came in all the colours of the rainbow - but particularly orange. So once again, the aroma of fresh fake tan at Aintree must have been as heady as the thunder of hooves": Jaya Narain @DailyMail) then the Grand National race had a surprise winner - how exciting - 100/1! Mon Mome coming home! However, the side was seriously let down by celesbian, Clare Balding. Twitter was a flutter over it.

Sadly the three-day event was marred by the deaths of five horses, including Hear the Echo, a favourite, yards from the finish line. No, I am not normally an eco-warrior, vegan-loon, I think that takes it a bit far (see Facebook group PETA - People for the Eating of Tasty Animals), yet Animal Aid have it pretty accurately described.
The shocking thing is that they are seen as routine and receive little media attention.

They also mention that whipping is cruel (and I think I have some BDSM pals who would agree - animals are unlikely to be so sexually complex as to get gratification from pain administration).

Scotland football captain Barry Ferguson and team mate Allan McGregor have been banned from representing their country for life (and are likely to be sacked from their club teams to boot) as a result of a series of disrespectful shenanigans. HOWEVER, am I the only one to think these signs were not just "v signs" (rude British insult, similar to giving someone the bird, but a little less serious - popular in 1970s) but meant to reflect and jeer the Iceland team since their Prime Minister is a lesbian (the first ever!)?

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