Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More and more I am wondering if it is me...

Just to start us off in a helpful manner, has hotness on tap in Cobie Smulders

My claim to fame! Dear old love used my sentence!

The power of the interwebs for LGBT organising is growing! According to Bilerico

Egyptian evidence of early homosexuality puts new spin on historical homos

Perez Hilton does not speak for the LGBT community at large and Miss Cali Carrie Prejean is entitled to her views and to express them, even if they are wrong. (@Bilerico) The only problem with free speech is when a person tries to whip up violence and hatred in others - you can be a berk as much as you like, but don't try to make everyone else be as much of a loser as you are...

Make do and mend mentality was always going to be a winner for me: cheap as chips meal plans from and even Wiki has a great article on Really Really Free Markets.

Titan jail warehouses plans are shelved by Jack Straw

GoogleEarth alphabet from Victoria, Australia

Printing out books in 5mins flat: how Amazon and Tesco might have met their match in Blackwell's new revolution in book supply. Out of date books (10p per page, about £30 on average); the rest are the price you would pay from the shelf except shelving costs reduced, no more carbon footprint in transporting desired books from warehouses to the shops or direct to your home.

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