Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some excellent links...

Be Yr Own Queero has three ace articles:
Defined by your gender? You don't have to be
Questioning Maleness: Constructing Homosexual Identity
Positive Queer Role Models
Helpfully, one of the commentors on BYOQ added a link to an academic paper on Gender as Social Institution.

Also, coming out in search of a gay-friendly school: Julie Halpert writes in Newsweek about her own daughter Alyson's search for a gay-friendly college. (@Queerty from Newsweek)

Christian college provides LGBT-friendly housing: The DiversCity Q housing

Proactive support is great when you can get it but, sadly, the gaps in the system are sometimes invisible until people fall through them. Young people in the care system are finding themselves in homeless shelters as foster care ends and the global recession affects their ability to find a job and their own home, so reports the NYTimes.

Finally, get it in your diaries, girls and the girl-identified! June 12st is going to be ORGASMIC! The Big O Day project wants the women/womyn/wimmin/whatever of the world to unite in the purism of pleasure - embrace the inner goddess and do something entirely and solely pleasurable for at least 15mins that day (just 15? I'm gonna spend a LOT longer...) You can do it alone, in a group, with a special pal, in public, in private, in your head - it can be sexual, esoterical, fantastical or epicurean - the power to be pleasured and pleasurable lies in each and every one of us, and June 12st is the day to give it out to the universe!

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