Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday Lite Bite!

Lots of lovely links:

Cynthia Nixon's Australian interview about motherhood (

Boys in colourful underwear beat the recession blues (@DailyMail)

An amazing opportunity for woman anywhere in the world to attend a conference in the USA and get a scholarship to do so. Women & Power: Connecting Across the Generations, a conference to be held September 11-13, 2009.

Alex@Bilerico's report on new femme book plus a chance to win a copy of the book if you follow them on Twitter!

A fascinating map of the latest web trends laid out through a copy of the Tokyo subway map- it lists the latest significant people and places on the Internet...

I don't know how this escaped my notice but British boy band Boyzone released a music video showing a gay band member in a romantic clinch with! Hurrah! See this link to watch the video - the link is from the kiddies' section of the BBC news site - progressive, eh?

Oh, I couldn't resist: Scotland's #1 male Barbie? This Aberdonian fellow is all kinds of special! The link takes you to a BBC3 video excerpt and it is fabulous!

If I have not already advised you to check out the new super-terrific e-zine for intellectual queer types, then I have been extremely remiss... Polari is smart, funny, cultural, beautifully designed, easy to navigate, with quick loading times and great links. You must read it, and join their facebook fan page!

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  1. woah! polari is awesome! thanks for posting about it!


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