Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have to be honest; others have it much worse...

Imagine the scene with Tom Hanks in The Green Mile when he is in so much pain that he falls on his face and has to beg John Coffey to stop calling him (but he doesn't and ends up taking the pain away).

It was like that today; I had to leave the dining hall as I was in so much pain when I swallowed even water I didn't want to freak the students out, nor faint/cry in front of them, so slowly made it back to my office where I have been ever since.

I love eating and to be denied that pleasure because I took bad doctor's advice, damaged my oesophagus, and now am reduced to a liquid diet for goodness knows how long, is just a damn shame. But, I could have it much worse and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and do some bloody work.

However, even the smallest mouthful is causing me grief.

Too much liquid and I might burst the tiny tear or burgeoning aperture that my mind's eye can see in my gullet.

Too little and the chance increases of swallowing air with the bolus and thus causing indigestion and gas which throws up stomach acid onto the abraded tissue and again causes pain.

No win situation.

However, on the bright side I finished Norah Vincent's excellent 'Self-made Man' - I recommend it to everyone with an interest in gender diversity.

Cooped up on the sofa, I have also managed to find, repair and hand wash my only piece of truly queer clothing - a black t.shirt with DYKE written on the front in purple sequins! Huzzah!

Finally, I was pondering in the shower whether I could write a piece about the development of queer stereotypes and queer-empathy in North American popular media (as a commentary on the same within popular culture) by mapping the LGBTQ storyies, jokes and lines in the entire Friends television series. Having grown up watching it, I can think of no other show that is as long running and influential as that show - wide audience, constant repeats.

When I have time from the rest of my responsibilities that will be the next task: 'I'm right on top of that, Rose'

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