Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting close to the bone...

G20 WAGs - Jan Moir got it spot on: where were the husbands of Argentinean and German ladychiefs? Why was JKRowling (and other nobodies) invited to Sarah’s Soiree? As for describing this novelist as "looking like a half-shut umbrella as usual" - I roared with laughter - (@Daily Mail)

New Fame movie - SO excited.

Next time you hear the Electric Six song, try these lyrics - they might have quite an effect on the crowd: I wanna be a gay boy, a gay boy.

Clive Aslet's article on HRH Queen Elizabeth II rendered Her Majesty in a beautiful light, reminding her subjects that her power is in her steadfastness, her longevity, her familiarity with historical times and people, and above all the sense of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' - a useful reminder in these turbulent times: "Her ship sails beneath the flag of public duty." (@Telegraph)

Want to verify that the celebrity you are stalking/following on social media networking sites such as twitter, facebook, etc. are actually them and not some crazed imposter? Then Valebrity is for you!

Businessman is a model Sikh: Sonny Caberwal has modelled for Kenneth Cole and GQ - check out the photographs (@Telegraph)

Agony aunt aged 7: Mercia FM now provides advice for adult listeners from a wise child, Elaina Smith.
Her sensible suggestions to fix heartache have included a mug of milk, bowling with pals, High School Musical and changing your door locks! (@DailyMail)

Israel trying to protect feminine modesty by blanking out images of two polticians in cabinet line-up photograph. (@BBCNews)...Points for promoting female visibility: minus 5.

Random movie trivia moment: First mention of a dildo that comes to mind in the movies I watched during my formative years? "Sue Ellen, every girl over 25 should have a cucumber in her house!"

Controversial thought for today: men are just a step on the evolutionary ladder to a place where women rule and are the sole gender on the planet. New biological developments might be moving this along faster than expected.

Career options: working for smoothie company or Andy McCarthy's Mr Scruff tea product company, who also supply tea at music festival events. Who needs a toke and a tipple, when you can have tea?

Honesty month - pledge to tell the truth - this blog got a mention on a fabby website Blogging for Truth - I was hoping to add the badge, but I never managed it - hopefully next year I'll be more organised. I might start a wee thread called 'lesbihonest' for specific women-oriented truths... about lesbionics, for example.

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