Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slowly but surely...

Men evolving out of use: part of the plan is to allow them to develop technologies that slowly turn them into apathetic vegetables - success nears as UK men find video games more alluring than sex with their better halves!

Until their use for genetic material stops, then we had better make sure that traditional access to their baby batter is hygienic and disease free, which is why it is a relief to finally read that scientists are advocating that young boys receive the HPV vaccine as well, to protect any women they might sleep with in the future. Now there are a lot of suppositions here: boys will be sexually active (not a monk, celibate), they would be willing to risk their own health (through potential adverse reaction to the vaccine) to protect some women they may possibly have unprotected sexual encounters with later on (after having had unprotected sexual encounter with someone who already has HPV and caught it off them), that they wont be entirely homosexual (with no female contact - men may carry HPV but don't -- as far as we know - develop cancerous disease from it - but the men with whom they do have sex may in turn pass it on to other women, but let's assume the responsibility stops with those with who you directly have consensual sexual contact). This is only the natural extension of my previous argument that girls are being vaccinated in the assumption that they wont be virgins until they engage in sexual contact with someone else who has remained a virgin, and whilst avoiding affairs and embracing monogamy they may never get a disease (STD, HPV, etc.)

Enough seriousness...

Sue Pollard - wacky dresser, feminist icon: these photographs brighten my day!

Hannah Betts - childless by choice vs. SI - Secondary Infertility - where one is not enough

Waiting for further sex after childbirth? - Helena Frith Powell compares France to UK - where the former provides medical care specifically to revive the mother's vajayjay so that she can hop on the good foot and do the bad thing...

My week as a Mad Men wife: Olivia Lichtenstein's return to the good old days acting as a proper housewife.

Now, I'm not normally a fan of La Knightley (eyes are too close together) but she has bravely starred in a new advertisement for Women' Aid to raise awareness of the very real danger of domestic violence.

Finally, UK government sanction to permit workers to have leave to care for (elderly) dependents, not just if you are a breeder and have progeny to care for. I was also always SO cross when told that career breaks, days off, etc. would not be extended to those who had other caring commitments (siblings, parents, other family, neighbours, etc. and those who do not have a directly caring role but who work/volunteer for a charity rather than those who produce their own children requiring their time away from their main job.) (@Daily Mail)

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