Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tortoise or the hare?

Initial thought: The Leaf Blower - most useless item ever.

AfterEllen: Clementine Ford wants her mom, Cybill Shepherd to date Jane Lynch (lately of Glee) - how marvellous!

Jade Goody increased cervical cancer awareness and encouraged thousands to get tests, but means women are waiting longer for results (@DailyMail).

Wife gifted her husband daily nookie for a whole year and learned that regular love-making is helpful to actually enjoying your marriage and sex life. (@guardian)

Coincidence: I was looking for books on female masculinity for Laura, my genderqueer pal, then rooted through the other books near them on the holding shelf; I spotted a 1920 Arabella Kenealy book on Feminism and Sex-extinction - fascinating so I headed to the book's usual place on the shelves - but what was more fascinating was that the Miller book that had been missing for ages (which I desperately needed) was placed next to another Miller book that was on the shelf next to Kenneay! Amazing!

If you have spare time on your hands, check out a book by Elisa Sobo about the women who deliberately run the risk of getting AIDS: Choosing unsafe sex: AIDS-risk denial among disadvantaged women. This made me think about the women who are deliberately endangering one's health (by having unprotected sex, for example) so that there is no need to make decisions about one's life, the choice is taken away by providence, evolution, fate, nature, God, in the conception (or not) of a child after unprotected sex leading to pregnancy, then marriage or at least some sort of stability, after which there is no need to search for a job, your career is defined - you are a mother. A plethora of articles in the UK highlighted the council estate kids, mostly girls, who wanted nothing more than to get knocked up so that they could have a house provided for them and a regular income of benefit hand-outs. I wonder if there are now middle-class or middle-income girls who just cannot be bothered having a career or fighting the glass ceiling, so willingly get pregnant by one-night stands or a relationship with a reasonably affluent gentleman who could take care of her and her child's needs... A kid and cash - doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Also, the very excellent book by Norah Vincent: Self-Made Man - about being a man for a year... fascinating, truly fascinating.

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