Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's just getting ridiculous now...

‘Kids are just cruel anyway’: Lesbian and gay parents’ talk about homophobic bullying by Victoria, Celia and Potter (2004) which links nicely to the Scottish mail article that gay parents make kids take homophobic bullying on the chin and the Scottish government not releasing a report they commissioned into this matter. But as far as I can see being ugly, fat, short, hairy, unemployed, drunk or wearing untrendy clothes get parents bashed as well... so kids are just cruel anyway.

(@Daily Mail) by Amanda Platell - Skinny's not a sin! Turning back the tide of acceptance over over-weight people which has moved into an alarming backlash against those with a naturally lithe physique, for example, the recent contestant in Miss Universe who was told that she was too skinny to compete.

Unruly senior citizens are making a meal of it at the local cinema: Free biscuits for OAPs led to an ugly ruckus when customers were shoving handful ls into their pockets and bags - value for money, eh?

Sprightly seniors are getting more out of life and not just on the free food front: Bette Calman is 83 but can practice yoga better than most people half her age and isn't afraid to prove it.

...and if that wasn't enough for today, how about a compilation of cultural knowledge held by lofty institutions? I give you: World Digital Library
- ta da!

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