Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fashion forward

Cultural and costume historians agree that the mid-14th century marks the emergence of recognizable "fashion" in Europe. From this century onwards Western fashion changes at a pace quite unknown to other civilizations, whether ancient or contemporary. In most other cultures only major political changes, such as the Muslim conquest of India, produced radical changes in clothing, and in China, Japan, and the Ottoman Empire fashion changed only slightly over periods of several centuries.

There have been many styles that are so obscure to us today that we wonder how they ever became popular. What is more worrying is that the majority are directed at women and seem to hinder their progress and movement in not so subtle ways. Here is a list of the top ten extreme fashions from history.

Now we have fashions appearing and disappearing hourly - promoted then torn down by media commentators and the general public with their opinions writ large on the internet.

I wonder what latest fashion trend is emerging right now?

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