Saturday, July 24, 2010

I like it - - Rizolli and Isles: the review.

Rizzoli and Isles - an Irish/Italian-American show based in...Boston (who woulda guessed?!) with two females leads, after whom the show is named. One homicide detective - brusque, messy, limited people skills (think cynical NY cop, not Monk), the other is a medical examiner - stylish and socially-obtuse (think Brennan from Bones). Plus there is a neighbour and a mother - more ladies, the latter of whom is the indomitable Lorraine Bracco . There are male characters, too: brother, old partner, current partner, FBI romantic interest.

I get that their personalities are stereotypical - it helps the audience connect (ooh, I know or have seen someone like that before), it is obviously difficult to get your source material/inspiration out of your head, and stereotypes are often based on real experiences - e.g. cops drink coffee.

However, I can get past this because I like female protagonists getting a chance to tell the story. Plus they aren't secret lesbian lovers, best friends since kindergarten, sisters, etc. which places their friendship/acquaintance in the realm of emotive connection, feelings, feminine attributes of nurturing and protecting. These women happen to work together, have become close, perhaps friends, but aren't afraid to be combative if necessary to get one's job done. There have been ploys of 'please, do this for me' when going against policy, or skipping out for Bloody Marys and talking about clothes, and I hope there will continue to be lessof this.

My only beef is the same in every cop show and variant thereof, when a woman is in a crime scene, please cover/tie up your hair (you are contaminating evidence!) and wear appropriate clothes (and for that matter who wears heels around their home, or to come help tidy a ransacked house?). Apart from that, the show is good.

I like it; I really do.

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