Saturday, July 24, 2010

Copy cat syndrome strikes again

*The disclaimer for this post is based on the fact that I haven't watched some of the movies I mention, but if I am wrong when watching them, I'll make sure this is updated.

  • Zombieland has rules of conduct to survive; Carriers has rules, too. They are both major plot/script devices.
  • The Road has a father/son pairing that requires the child to make a moral choice about right vs. wrong; Last Ride seems* to have the same theme.
  • Washed up pugilist: The Wrestler vs. Cinderella Man 
  • Shopping mall security: Paul Blart Mall Cop vs. Observe and Report
  • Scout-type group: Mr Troop Mom  vs. Troop Beverly Hills
  • Film posters featuring knickers around a girl's ankles: Amanda (2009) vs. Hooking Up (2009)
  • Film posters featuring shenanigans around a casket: The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009), Wake (2009), Death at a funeral (2010).

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