Saturday, July 03, 2010

Movie crossovers

Andie MacDowell appeared in a movie set in the UK/Ireland, Crush (2001) along with Four Weddings and a Funeral (NB the cast member who played Scarlett, Charlotte Coleman, died from an asthma attack a while later) and Tara Road. Does Miss MacDowell have family in the UK, or a particular affinity with the country/ies?

Tara Road also stars Olivia Williams who I only remember from Sixth Sense, yet was in Rushmore (I only just watched it - and didn't think it as awesome as everyone else seems to do!) and now that I think about it, An Education, too, where she was very good.

Also, watching Total Recall for the first time was illuminating - there were lots of crossovers, e.g.
  • Taking a pill as a sign that one wishes to accept an alternative reality - The Matrix.
  • Face distortion when advanced technology disguise breaks down - Inner Space.

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